House Rules

The Rooster's Wife Interior shot

Welcome to the Rooster’s Wife. We only have a few house rules.

All shows happen at Poplar Knight Spot, 114 Knight St in downtown Aberdeen, NC.

  1. We are inside a groovy gallery in a Listening room. That means no idle chatter when musicians are working.
  2. Weather permitting, we open the doors wide for a casual inside-outside groove with a totally serious appreciation for the best music found anywhere.
  3. We set 99. There is not a bad seat in the house.
  4. Be considerate of others. That especially includes the performers. We want everyone to enjoy the concert.
  5. NO smoking in the concert area. You will find a smoking area around back. If you must smoke, please stay away from the open doors.
  6. No pets allowed. Service animals are the exception.
  7. Photography permitted in the music area.
  8. Children ages 12 and under are always admitted free of charge.
  9. We are a private club with full privileges from the great state of NC. NO BYOB allowed. We proudly serve Reverie Cocktails and have three delicious beers from Southern Pines Brewing on tap. We also serve a selection of wine and top-shelf liquor.

Become a member of The Rooster’s Wife. It’s only $5. Renewal after the first year is $1.

Or become a sustaining donor and keep the music coming for years.