Ameranouche !

Aberdeen, NC, United States · The Poplar Knight Spot

Fine Gypsy jazz in a superb listening environment. Dinner and a show,for the last time until May !

Venue Details

114 Knight Street, Aberdeen, NC 28315, United States (910) 944-7502

ameranouche plays gypsy jazz

Veterans of the Newport Jazz Festival, Djangofest Northwest, Musikfest Bethlehem, PA and the National Press Club, the band’s name is derived from American and Manouche, the gypsy tribe of guitarist Django Reinhardt. The rip-roaring ensemble is a super force of hot acoustic Gypsy inspired music mixing Flamenco, Bebop and Jazz swing influences. Played on traditional French jazz guitars, the music is rhythmic, vigorous, and elegant. Breathtaking !

Guitar, Bass, Guitar

Do you speak Django  ? The fantastic musical language of gypsy jazz?  Whether you are a beginner, or fluent , treat your ears to an audible feast.

ANd then, It’s Time

for a break. We will be back May 3,in Fayetteville with the Andrew Collins Trio @Cameoarthouse , 225 Hay St., right downtown.  We return to the Poplar Knight Spot, May 6 with Richie and Rosie. Check back often or follow us on Facebook, and Instagram, so you never miss a show. Thanks for your support of LIVE music.