Richie and Rosie

Aberdeen, NC, United States · The Poplar Knight Spot

A seemingly simple combination of fiddle, and banjo, underscored by captivating melodies. Richie and Rosie packs an incredibly full sound, bringing the intimacy of music and the power of two people playing music they love.

Venue Details

114 Knight Street, Aberdeen, NC 28315, United States (910) 944-7502

Richie and Rosie

Banjo, Fiddle

Voices, Songs

We are thrilled to open our summer season these splendid old timers. Before joining forces, both members were well-established within the old-time community. Rosie has toured with multiple bands, including an appearance while she was in high school with folk-rock band The Mammals. In 2010, she released a self-titled album as part of the duo The Pearly Snaps. In addition to releasing two solo albums, Richie’s discography includes collaborations with Natalie Merchant, Jim Lauderdale, Donna the Buffalo, and Carrie Rodriguez. He has performed internationally with bands like Bela Fleck, Pete Seeger, David Byrne, Billy Bragg & Wilco, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Joan Baez.